What Is Dental Pathology

Just like there is a study about body’s pathology, the study of dental pathology also exists. Pathology is basically concerned with the study of different parameters which tells a health specialist about the stages and statuses of several diseases. In case of dental pathology, the study helps a dentist to learn if the dental health condition is developmental, hereditary or microbial in nature. With the help of knowledge about dental pathology, you can find it pretty easier learning about the dental health of you and your children in a bit more detail.

Tooth pathology

In order to learn about tooth pathology, you first have to understand the structure of tooth. There are several layers the tooth is comprised of. First outer layer is the enamel which is also known as cementum. The second layer is the middle layer which is known as dentin. It is covered by tooth enamel. The third layer is called pulp. This portion of tooth consists of nerves and vessels which are required to keep the tooth alive.

Pathology is basically a study of diseases and disorders which tend to make the structure of body part under observation deviated from the norm. In case of tooth pathology, the congenital or acquired diseases are studied. These diseases involve disorders related to tooth enamel, dentin, and pulp.

Congenital dental disorders

Congenital diseases of teeth are the disorders which occur before or at the time of birth. These problems can be hereditary, environmental, or the result of exposure to certain risk factors at the time of birth.

Many of the congenital conditions affect tissues related to the teeth. According to a study, two of these conditions are hypoplasia and hypo-calcification. These conditions mainly infect the tooth enamel, leading to the reduced strength of teeth.

There are a number of tooth stain types which can be related to congenital disorders. There can be some defects which can result in too many teeth (supernumerary teeth) or too few teeth (congenitally missing teeth).

There can be many types of congenital disorders in teeth. Therefore, there is the ultimate need to visit the oral health specialist.

Acquired Diseases of the Teeth

Acquired diseases of teeth are the disorders which result due to infections and disorders which develop at certain age due to any reason and develop after the occurrence. Such diseases are mainly triggered and developed due to action of microbial pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses or fungi. Common tooth infections which include local or generalized dental disorders, endocrine disorders, metabolic disease, and dental fluorosis are the cases of acquired conditions.

Now, whatever kind of disorder you or your family members are getting, you need to make sure that you are not ignoring biannual dental visits. These biannual visits can help you steer clear from the oral and dental health infections.